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It is an effective and safe way of advertising your services and products. Take advantage of our offer and learn that e-mail marketing is the most effective form of advertising..

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How does it work?

We offer a wide range of services

Business analysis

We will analyze your business and come up with solutions how to present your offer.


Writing texts

Professional copywriters will prepare all necessary texts and advertising slogans.


E-mail address database

For the needs of a campaign, we share with our receiver data base, we built up and constantly look after it.


Landing page

We are able to prepare a landing page that will encourage visitors to get in touch and become your customers.


Domain names and hosting

For the needs of a campaign, we will register a domain name, set up an e-mail address and provide hosting.


E-mail dispatches

We provide servers and technical infrastructure that enables us to dispatch messages presenting your offer.


We sign a clear contract without any legal tricks. You do not have to worry about the technical and legal aspects.


We ensure your safety, employ our own tools and feel responsible for every dispatch.


We take responsibility for every dispatch. You do not need to have your own e-mail database. We offer full service to our customers.

Professional landing page

Along with conversion

JetMail not only provides a database and technical infrastructure, but also ensures that the benefits of your email marketing campaign are the greatest. We prepare your landing page, present your offer, and take care of advertising and selling of your products and services.

  • We analyze your business along with its offer in detail
  • We design and create a professional landing page
  • We provide content that sells your services and goods
  • We carry out an e-mail marketing campaign and attract new clients

Why e-mail marketing?

The most effective form of Internet marketing

One of the most effective forms of marketing communication

E-mail marketing is the best way to increase sales, revenues and profits. It is a useful tool to attract new customers and maximize profits from sales in your company. According to the Direct Marketing Association, e-mails can generate a return on investment of 4000%. This means that for every zloty spent on email marketing, you can earn over 40 zl.

Easy to measure

E-mail marketing activities are fully measurable and provide a comprehensive analysis immediately after sending a message. You can easily see how many people from your contact list opened your message, clicked on the link, downloaded a file over the company's website, made the conversion, that is, bought the promoted product (in case of online sales).

It does not require a big budget

Unlike expensive marketing campaigns, e-mail marketing is available for almost every business, irrespective of the budget. Email campaigns are settled in a simple and transparent manner, so that the company can control the costs. A monthly cost of the advertising services may depend on the size of the address database or the number of sent messages.

It enables segmenting customers

You can increase the effectiveness of sent messages by segmenting the list of recipients. This means that it can be divided according to different criteria such as age, sex, place of residence, hobbies, education or even purchase history. As a result, the content of outgoing messages will match the interests of your recipients, which will in turn greatly increase efficiency.

Some facts about email marketing

Why JetMail?
% is an average return on investment in e-mail marketing
% of customers who recive regular email dispatches spend more
% of marketers regards e-mail marketing as an effective advertising tool

Settlement models

Select the optimum way to settle your payments


cost per every 1000
dispatched e-mails



cost per lead

What our clients say?

Testimonials about JetMail's services
I would strongly recommend JetMail Ltd’s services. We have been using them for several months and I am very pleased with the increased number of customers that we obtained thanks to JetMail Ltd.
I would like to thank JetMail Ltd for professional business approach. Their e-mail marketing campaigns were very effective and even exceeded my expectations as the number of enquiries I receive every day still surprises me.
JetMail Ltd conducted an email campaign that promoted one of our marketing services. In addition, JetMail Ltd undertook the production of a modern landing page. Throughout the period of preparation I could count on their professional help. E-mail dispatches were very efficient and gained many new customers. For sure, I will use their services in the future.
I use email marketing tools several times a year. I always get a professional help and good advice from JetMial Ltd. I strongly recommend JetMail Ltd as a reliable business partner!

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